the thirteen of thursday

This week: 13 rules you generally live by.

1. Don’t drink a whole pot of coffee in less than an hour. Spread it out. (Don’t ask.)

2. Get a paper done in enough time to be able to edit it several times.

3. Clothing: No yellow (makes me look hungover), halter tops, ruffles on shirts (both of which make me look wider than I am, which I totally don’t need), heels taller than 4″ (I have bad balance), hats with brims (I look stupid in them), fur, animal prints (I think they’re both ugly), or miniskirts (just on principle).

4. Get off of the Internet before 1 am.

5. Don’t rip other people’s CDs. Support indie music.

6. People all have stories; find out what they are.

7. It’s okay to have firm convictions about things, as long as you’re not a jerk about it.

8. I need sleep and other people in order to stay more or less sane.

9. Buy stuff at less than full price when possible.

10. Always try at least one bite or sip of something, even if you’re fairly sure you won’t like it. You may turn out to. (Proof: Sushi, haggis, deep-fried pizza, broccoli, ginger beer, and Starbucks’s salted caramel hot chocolate.)

11. Save money. It’s a good idea.

12. Any guy I end up dating/marrying must love Jesus and have a job (or be in school for one, e.g. law, medical, or seminary students). That covers a lot.

13. If I don’t eat breakfast, I get cranky, stupid, and woozy by about ten, so breakfast is a definite must.


One thought on “the thirteen of thursday

  1. Ashless

    I break #s 1, 2, 4, 9, 11, and 13 very regularly. This was a really interesting idea for a blog though, I may steal it!

    Probably wise ideas with number 3. Yellow is a tricky color and ruffles just look silly on anybody. I love number 6!

    What time do you usually have to wake up for your real-life life? I’m very curious about what your life is like these days…I miss seeing you.

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