the obligatory election post.

So. The election’s on. I voted this afternoon, with some trepidation, but with trust that God’s will is going to be done tonight.

Whoever wins this election, we American Christians are still going to have step up and be the Church, no matter what. No president is going to fix the root problems, no matter how godly he or she is, because the president is sinful just like us, and because legislation is like any other law: It cannot change the heart. The gospel can, and does, and we must be first and foremost faithful to the Kingdom that has no end.

So what does that look like? That looks like a commitment to human life–fighting abortion and euthanasia, yes, but also upholding the rights of the poor and the oppressed, like loving our neighbors and our enemies, like praying for the leaders of our country and of others around the world, like disagreeing with people without forgetting that they are made in God’s image. I am guilty of not doing enough like this. Inaction is unacceptable.

We must remember, like Paul, that the king (or the president, as the case may be), is the servant of the Lord (Romans 13). Whether this next one will be a faithful one or not is yet to be seen. But whatever happens, we have to be good citizens of the city of God while blessing the city of man.


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