here we go.

I would like to extend my congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama–as my president he will have my support where I can give it, my loyal and civil dissent where I can’t, and my prayers in all things. Let’s hope we all have grace and deep enough roots in the gospel to do the same.

Also, congratulations to Senator John McCain on a hard-fought race, and here’s to a long and continued service to his country.

To my readers on either side of this election, let’s remember that the government only has as much power as God gives it. Whatever happens, for the good or for the bad, He is our King. Obama is neither my savior nor my enemy, but a fellow sinner who happens to be my leader.

I don’t believe in America–I love her enough to know she doesn’t deserve my ultimate faith. But God has appointed me to be one of her citizens at this time and place, and I will serve her as a servant of the Lord. I want her to thrive and be well. But change will not ultimately come through legislation, but through the good news of Jesus Christ, King of kings and presidents. Let’s spread that around. Let’s tilt the political atmosphere that way. Let’s show the government that evangelicals aren’t just a demographic.


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