thursday thirteen

This week: Thirteen podcasts that you have listened to or currently listen to.

1. The Village Church (Matt Chandler preaching!)
2. The Resurgence (
3. MuggleCast (yes, it’s a Harry Potter fan podcast…leave me alone)
4. NPR: All Songs Considered (awesome)
5. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! (“the NPR news quiz”…love it)
6. Car Talk
7. The News From Lake Wobegon (because Garrison Keillor is so boss)
8. The Splendid Table (–tasty)
9. Covenant Worldwide: Ancient and Medieval Church History (yeah, so Covenant Seminary posts some of their course lectures online…pretty sweet)
10. NPR: Live Concerts (Nickel Creek, Andrew Bird, The Frames, The Swell Season, and yes, Bjork…all live)
11. Sesame Street (I’m dead serious…it’s kinda awesome, actually)
12. TED Talks (I had to quit subscribing because they’re so addictive)
13. Mars Hill Church (even though Mark Driscoll kind of gets on my nerves sometimes, I still like the guy…go figure).


6 thoughts on “thursday thirteen

  1. I don’t know if I have thirteen.

    Mars Hill Church
    Desiring God
    The Official “Lost” Podcast
    ESPN Baseball Today
    ESPN Fantasy Focus: Baseball
    Starkville’s House of El (Smallville)
    The Village Church

    … yeah, that’s about it.

  2. hannah s.

    yeah! Put This American Life! It’s on mine, along with the American Theatre Wing podcast, and…that’s it. I should check out all of those — they sound fascinating!

  3. 1. The village church “Matt Chandler”
    2. Click & Clack – NPR Car Talk
    3. Grammar Girls quick and dirty grammar tricks
    4. APM: A Prairie Home Companion
    5. The Concert
    6. NYUB The Music Podcast
    7. The Moth – Stories Told
    8. The Best of You Tube

  4. Lake Wobegone!

    I drove somewhere with my grandma one time, maybe in the summer for a road trip, and we listened to those the whole way cause someone put them on a cd for her. It was awesome.


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