a couple of random thoughts on a Friday night

1. I am beginning to realize that doing good work is part of re-ordering creation, and thus a combatant against the effects of the fall. Washing dishes, putting together a poem, vacuuming my apartment, doing homework, making good coffee–that’s all part of having right dominion over creation. I forget that the mundane is part of the work of redemption that the Spirit gives us as common grace. Christians, then, ought to do it humbly and with joy, even in the parts when it’s not fun.

2. I’ve had some ideas floating around for poems, but can’t get them to materialize. I think it may be partially due to the fact that I’ve been reading books on human-computer interaction and information retrieval (dead serious), and have been trying to finish books that I’ve been reading off and on since last month…and working, and trying to finish a report, and…yep. Poems will come when the semester’s over, I think. :p

3. I meant to tell you, last Saturday I trekked up to Waco to go see Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Waterdeep, and Alli Rogers at Common Grounds (my favorite coffee place in the whole wide world), and it was lovely. They all broke out some of their newer stuff, and I highly recommend Sandra’s new album Red Balloon. Gorgeous.

4. Random thing to ponder: If America isn’t the greatest nation on earth, then who is, and why?

5. Finally, if y’all could be praying, a couple of Kaleoians got laid off recently and they need jobs…thanks.


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