currents in my stream of consciousness

*I feel as though I should be back in counseling. (Yes, I was going for a while in high school and then randomly stopped.) I don’t know why, but lately I’ve had this nagging feeling that there’s still some things left in me that need to be hashed out and looked at. The problem is, I’m not sure where to look for a good one, especially in a city like Austin, so prayer would be appreciated.

*Then again, a mentor would also be good. An older woman–like, old enough to be my mom, or almost–who has a lot of wisdom under her belt. Not a replacement mom, more like a mom supplement, or something. The Bible tells us that younger women ought to learn from older women, so I’ll take what I can get of that.

*Completely unrelated: Quantum of Solace was a good action movie, not so much a character development movie. Kind of want the next chapter on that one. But yeah, lots of explosions and fistfights and international intrigue, and, well, Daniel Craig is pretty easy on the eyes. So if you’re into that kind of thing, go for it. (Also, Matthieu Amalric is in it, who was also in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, which I recommend. I have the feeling he’ll start showing up in more movies, actually.)

*For some reason I’ve been on this classical music kick lately, where I want to get some Bach and Beethoven and Palestrina and just crank it up. I have very, very little formal music education, though, so I’m starting in bits. I know some of the choral stuff, having sung it in high school and choir (I can still rock Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus”), but not really the symphonies and operas and such. I feel like I need to get on that.

*I think I’ve decided on a church. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on a church. Just need to get plugged in and start serving and getting to know folks…it’s a bit of a drive, but at least the drive is pretty, so I’ll take that. 🙂 And the preaching’s solid, and so’s the music, and the people are really nice, and they love Jesus and the Word and the church, so I’m glad.

*I wonder what President Bush is going to do once he gets a new job? I hope he goes his dad’s route and becomes kind of a low-key elder statesman–maybe not work with Bill Clinton, but at least do some good work under the radar. Regardless of what you think of some of his decisions, he has contributed to the ongoing work in Africa (although probably not as much as Bono would like, but oh well) and I hope he ends up doing more of that in years to come.

*Movies I really want to see: Australia (Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman!), Rachel Getting Married (Anne Hathaway is apparently getting some Oscar buzz for this), The Reader, Seven Pounds (I have no idea what this is really about, but it looks awesome, Up (not out until next year, but come on, it’s Pixar), Slumdog Millionaire (intriguing), Defiance (Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber in the same movie?! My head might explode with the greatness), Watchmen, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Woo, that’s a lot of movies. But they all look pretty great.

*Mmm, so what are you all reading or listening to or watching these days? Anything interesting?


2 thoughts on “currents in my stream of consciousness

  1. Rachel Getting Married was pretty good, very well acted though there are a few parts that kinda drag and repeat themselves.

    I didn’t like Quantum of Solace that much, though I did like Casino Royale. The action sequences were too Bourne Supremacy-ish with the ultra close-ups and quick cutting where you can barely tell what’s going on and who’s chasing who where. That, and the plot never gave much of a reason to care, as it was among the more incoherent things I’ve seen in some time. I’m looking forward to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and maybe Seven Pounds, though the trailers tell you little about it, other than Will Smith looking completely in his Pursuit of Happyness zone. The Time Traveler’s Wife is another I’ll be looking out for.

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