*I really, really love this. For those of you that don’t know, I have a minor obsession with trees, and I’ve been meaning to get and start wearing more necklaces, so…that’s pretty much perfect. That whole site has some cute stuff, if you’re into the small animal motif thing. I’m also a fan of this shirt.

*Been having some thoughts about how easy it is to obsess about the insignificant in our culture–how we’re so fragmented that we’re becoming more and more specialized and less broadly knowledgeable that we can tend to miss the big picture. The more information we produce and make publicly available, the harder it is to piece together anything significant. It takes someone with a specific sort of wiring to be able to weave it all together in a way that makes coherent sense of it all.

*Also considering how interesting it is that our culture loves the individual yet craves community…kind of a vestige of the image of God in us, how we were meant to reflect the one God in three Persons, diversity in unity. Of course, the world being the world, it tarnishes that image in all sorts of ways, but that’s also why it’s that much more important for us as the Church to model true community and true diversity, to celebrate and accept the good differences among us while weeding out what fractures and divides us wrongly. And that takes a lot of patience and discernment, which, let’s face it, also isn’t really encouraged in our culture.


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