the annual t13 thanksgiving post

Hopefully obvious: Thirteen things you’re thankful for.

1. Decreasing gas prices. 😀

2. Getting to come home.

3. An iPod-compatible car stereo.

4. Literacy and an ever-growing library.

5. The fact that my family, while we’re not super-rich, is still in the wealthiest 1% of people in the world. We have a roof, cars, clean water, plenty of food, and freedom from persecution and war…and so much of the world doesn’t. That is a crazy thing to consider.

6. “Bones beneath my skin…friends who care for me.”

7. A good long-term memory, without which I would not have gotten past the tenth grade. 😉

8. The preachers (see below post).

9. You, my readers, and thanks for stopping by.

10. That UT will likely kick A&M’s butt today. 😀

11. My car–almost 18 years old, 68,000 miles, great gas mileage, and runs (almost) like it’s brand new.

12. My family–that we’re all safe, we’re all more or less okay, and none of us hate each other. 😉

13. And thanks for and to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who are working my salvation and have been since eternity past. Hallelujah, and amen.


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