advent, week 2.

And the herald came shouting in the desert places:
“The king is coming, come out, ye folk,
And greet him!”

And the cry rose up from the gates
Of the city, echoed like wave upon wave,
Deep calling to deep: “The king comes
From a far country bringing treasure and peace,
Reconciliation with an ancient lord,
Comfort for a city ravaged by war.”

And the people went out with their
Filthy rags to wash themselves clean
In the river–but some of them stayed, saying
“Why should we go to meet him?
He is slow in coming, and there’s still work to be done.”

And the king came, not with pomp and circumstance,
But in warrior’s gear, with his treasure hidden,
To greet his ragged and weary people,
And exchange their rags for robes and crowns.
And he sent up a cry to the folk inside the walls:
“I was not slow in coming as you count slowness;
I was giving you time to still come.”


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