“rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel shall come…”

1. And He will, which is something I’ve been pondering a lot lately, it being Advent and all…He will come to judge and rule the world, and He will redeem it wholly. Am I ready for it? Do I wait for it with joy? I keep asking myself that a lot this year. Come, Lord. Let me be watchful.

2. So, for a couple of days there was this cat that lives in our apartment complex, and it kept following me home, and then after I wouldn’t let it come in, it’d sit on our porch and meow at my roommate and me and make us feel guilty. It may have gotten the point, because I haven’t seen it for a couple of days, but now I miss it. I am such a sucker for cute fluffy animals. But seeing as we can’t really afford a cat, and as my roommate and I are both academic single women and don’t want to become more cliched than we already are, no cats for us.

3. I may go offline after tomorrow for the rest of Advent. WordPress has a way to set up posts so they don’t get published until a certain date, so I may do that for the Advent poems, but we’ll see. At any rate, I need more time to do something besides stare at the Internet all day, so…

4. Not much else to say. I have a presentation tomorrow afternoon, after which I will be done with my semester (woohoo). Making and buying Christmas presents. And that’s about it. Love you, guys.

5. Oh, and there’s this (HT: Teacher Dave):


One thought on ““rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel shall come…”

  1. 2. Aww, you should adopt the cat. A good cat is hard to find, and I always considered myself a dog person until we got a cat. I was lonly moving to NY, and our cat has really helped me. They’re actually pretty low maintenence and low cost. You’ll have to pay vet bills up front to get it checked out, but then it only costs about $5 a week on food and $20 every couple of months on litter. Trust me, it’s a good investment. A good cat is good for the psyche.

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