fourth week of advent

And the herald went forth through the city,
Shouting to the people both inside and out:
“Come, all ye faithful to the true King,
Come and rejoice in his triumph over our enemies!
Come and pay your homage!

“And come all ye unfaithful, you adulterers
And thieves and traitors, come join and receive
Forgiveness and blessing!
Come receive mercy and clemency,
Reconciliation and peace!

“For he comes with healing in his wake,
Riches for the poor, justice for the oppressed,
Food for the hungry, exaltation for the humble!
He will come and turn the world upside-down.”

And the king came to the city with his bride,
Now both arrayed in royal splendor,
And looked on the people, and he started the work
Of rebuilding.


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