For the Keeper of Our Days

When summer’s dawn upon us shines,
And rest and mirth both rule our days,
We sing Thee, Father, Love divine,
This joyful hymn of grateful praise.
Thy gracious hand hath sent us light–
For this, our God, be glorified;
In salty spray and child’s delight,
Be lifted up, be lifted high.

In autumn’s sunset colors, Thou
That painted skies with crimson stain
Did give Thyself and show us how
Thy strength is stronger in our pain.
Jesus, our Lord, who gives us life
And bids us come to Thee for bread–
Thy blood has healed us from our strife
And raised our spirits from the dead.

And blessed ever be Thy name
In midst of winter’s chilling death;
When all the world does coldness reign
And forests draw their fleeting breath,
Thou our great King did come to earth–
Emmanuel, yes, God with us–
And we, rejoicing at Thy birth,
Glad tidings and great grace confess.

In springtime’s gladness, Son of God,
Thou climbed up Calvary’s broken hill
And on the serpent’s head did trod
Through sacred blood which Thou has spilled!
You gave new life to those who trust,
You made us new in spring’s bright days,
And for Thy gracious love we must
Lift up our voice in grateful praise!

Oh Keeper of our pilgrim days,
Of seasons, weeks, and months, and years,
Thy mercy with us ever stays,
And Thy name only calms our fears!
And whether good or evil comes
To us, all for Thy glory flows,
And while the sand of time still runs
Our humble praise to Jesus goes.


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