january 1, i’ve got a lot of things on my mind…

1. Welcome to 2009, everyone. Last year was sort of insane for all of us, I think, but I hope things start looking up in the next twelve months. Wherever it goes, though, our God is the ruler of time and circumstance, and He’ll be with us the whole time.

2. So! I haven’t been posting a whole lot besides videos and lists and the occasional poem…I got to go home over the holidays and saw some friends and family, all my Kaleo people, the city of Houston. Gave and received some good stuff for Christmas, hung out with some new friends for New Year’s Eve and watched the ball drop, got some rest (and did some free laundry, thanks, parentals). All in all, a good time, and I’m glad I got to go. Now, to get back to the grind of life and work–I’m looking for a new job, class starts for me on the 22nd, I turn 24 on the 14th (that’s crazy!), and, well, I guess I’m just gonna crank on. And I’m cool with that. (But first, I think I need to get my apartment clean. Good grief.)

3. Been doing some thinking and praying about stuff, both about my future and about my personal life. If it comes out to be fit for public consumption, you’ll probably hear about it, but who knows. *shrug* That’s all I’ve got. Love to you all. Have a good year.


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