random game i stole from a guy on facebook

A little twist on the music check thing: I’m gonna put my music on shuffle and give you the first lines of the first twenty songs that play. You get to guess what the songs are. Person with the most right answers will probably get a prize of some sort. No googling. 🙂 Ready, set, go…

1. “I am drinking water from a glass/And I am waiting patiently”
2. “Out on these Texas plains you can see for a million miles/And there’s a thousand exits between here and the state line”
3. “I will run, I cannot walk/I will sing where there is no song”
4. “We’re both dirty, baby/That’s just the way it goes/We’ll try to get the fuses off before the whole thing blows”
5. “Shadows on the wall, I can see them fall here and there, everywhere”
6. “How do you document real life when real life’s getting more like fiction each day”
7. “If you happen to be educated, time it marches on/Oh time it marches on”
8. “What my eyes have seen, my heart reveals to be/The child of the promise of God, no longer a mystery”
9. “Atencion, atencion/Roll down your windows, turn down your radios/Un momento, por favor”
10. “Now and then these feet just take to wandering/Now and then I prop them up at home”
11. “I’m a dirty diesel pumping down the line/Hear my whistle blowing, hear my engine whine”
12. “Looking back at the road so far/The journey’s left its share of scars”
13. “I call on you/I have worked out better than ever”
14. “Everyone gather round now, sing us a song/Just in case by tomorrow it happens he’s gone”
15. “Take a message to your head/Stay beside her in the bed”
16. “My name is Mary, and I’m from Greenville, Mississippi/And this is where I live, here in this old folk’s dormitory”
17. “Isn’t it warm, isn’t it rosy/Side by side by side”
18. “From the highest of heights to the depths of the sea/Creation’s revealing Your majesty”
19. “Joseph took his wife and her child/And they went to Africa”
20. “If you came to make some trouble/Better make it good”


7 thoughts on “random game i stole from a guy on facebook

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  2. #6 – RENT – the song and the musical
    #16 – Dance – Caedmon’s Call
    #17 – Side By Side – Company

    I might know more of them, but it’s 12:30am, so that’s all I’ve got. And goodnight.

  3. Laura

    2. 40 Acres – Caedmon’s Call
    3. Waiting Room – Shane & Shane
    10. The Chasing Song – Andrew Peterson
    18. Indescribable – Laura Story or Chris Tomlin

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