amazed by…

…how good Paul Simon’s CD Graceland is.
…the odd noise MacBooks make whenever you put a CD into them. (It freaks me out for some reason, like it’s about to eat it or something.)
…what people choose to get self-righteous about.
…how much Austin is beginning to feel like home, and how much I still miss Houston anyway.
…how much of the world I’ve yet to discover.
…how much I want to know God better.
…how much God knows me.
…how much better Shakespeare’s language is when it’s spoken instead of read (and it’s already stellar when read).
…how good hymn lyrics are.
…how many places there are in Austin to get good coffee.
…how much I need other people to stay sane.


2 thoughts on “amazed by…

  1. I get weirded out by that noise too! And I feel the exact same way – ”is it going to be eaten?”

    And Shakespeare…mmm. I know the feeling. Speaking of which, have you seen Kenneth Branagh’s Love’s Labours Lost? I saw it on tv a short while back, and it’s frothy fun Bard (with some ’30s-style song-and-dance thrown in). I think you’d enjoy it 🙂

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