what am i still doing sitting here?

I’m at Barnes and Noble trying to get some work done. I did get some done, but I keep getting distracted by miscellaneous stuff–Internet, the plethora of books I want to buy every time I show up here…

Had a thought the other day that I’ve been mulling over: I think that a lot of the reason that the world doesn’t listen to the Church about stuff like sexuality and abortion and such (well, I mean besides its own depravity) is that we’ve forgotten to ground those issues in the greater story of the Gospel. We pull out the “God said don’t do this, it’s bad” argument, but we don’t really understand ourselves the Gospel reasoning for why it’s wrong. For example, heterosexual married sex is right because it’s a metaphor for the relationship between Jesus and His bride, the church (see Ephesians 5)–it is covenantal, it is between two people who are different from one another and who have different roles, it is the two becoming one flesh, it is meant to produce fruit–and any corruption of this also corrupts the picture of the Gospel that it’s meant to be. Maybe first we ought to get people at least more familiar with the Story, and then move from there.

On another note, it is seriously cold outside. News is saying something about freezing rain or sleet in the morning. I’m just sitting here in the store and my fingers are freezing.

The Morning News (which is one of my favorite websites ever) ran a piece the other day on skinny guys, and how celebrities (and now our 44th president) have made being a skinny guy cool. I’m not wholly sure of that–I mean, I think there are some cute skinny guys out there, but I prefer fellows with a little more meat on their bones. (Of course, I also say this and wish I had that kind of metabolism, but oh well.)

Okay, I’m getting all the drafts from the door. Time to get up and move around a bit. Love you all.


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