thursday 13

I’m going to try to be more consistent about these, I promise. This week: 13 more of your favorite fictional characters.

1. WALL-E.
2. Lady Macbeth (even though she’s kind of evil).
3. Ed Tom Bell, No Country For Old Men
4. The man, The Road
5. Benny and Nina, In the Heights
6. Billy/Dr. Horrible, Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog
7. Number 6, The Prisoner
8. Max and Jude, Across the Universe
9. Bones and Booth, Bones
10. Jamie and Aurelia, Love Actually
11. Jo March, Little Women
12. Brother William, The Name of the Rose
13. I hate admitting this, but Alice Cullen, Twilight.


3 thoughts on “thursday 13

  1. You’ve read Twilight and aren’t afraid to admit it! Serious props. I read it last week for the first time…the youth group girls here were desperate for me to read it, and I gave it a shot. Of course I ended up liking it more than I wanted to admit, but they are unaware of any you-should-feel-shame-about-this vibes surrounding the book, so that shamelessness is helping me come to terms with my enjoyment. 🙂 (I will say that I laughed aloud a few times…I think once was when Meyer says something about Edward’s “scintillating arm muscles.”)

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