and so it is, just like you said it would be.


I’m thinking about shutting this down for a while. This, and Twitter, and Facebook.

Don’t know if I’ll actually do it, or if my social networking addiction will get the best of me. But friends, I’m growing a little tired of trying to keep up, of always having to be connected, of having to always feed information into my head. Granted, they’re good ways of airing my thoughts, and of getting in touch with people easily, but…really. It’s a little nuts. There are more interesting things I could and should be doing with my life right now. There’s such a thing as e-mail and, heaven forbid, the telephone that I can use.

We’re such an overstimulated, over-consuming culture. I feel like I need to take a break from it for a while. I need to go out and live life for a while. I have a lot to say, but nothing that I feel is really appropriate for the whole freaking Internet to say. Don’t worry, all you folks that’ve commented on the last post, I’ll get stuff to you. And it’ll be awesome, maybe more so from my not having let the Internet eat my life.

This isn’t for everyone. But it’s something I feel like I need to do. I love all you guys. I’ll see you around.

it’s a meme, but a good one.

The first 10 people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully before responding:

– I don’t guarantee you’ll like it, if you don’t, feel free to regift it or otherwise get rid of it
– You have no clue what it’s going to be
– You will receive it via the mail or hand delivery (or possibly email).
– I reserve the right to do something extremely random
– You will need to provide me with a postal address or something like that if you do not receive it before the end of the year OR I will not be seeing you over the course of the year.
– It might be a drawing, a list, a book, jewelry, baked goods, an original photograph, a mix CD, a found item (that is changed somehow), etc.
– You don’t have to repost this, but I think it’d be fun if you did.

music check!

Haven’t done one in a good while. Put your music player on shuffle, give us the first twenty songs, etc.

1. Jim Sturgess and Joe Anderson, “With A Little Help From My Friends”
2. Shane Nicholson, “Safe and Sound”
3. Dean Gray, “Boulevard of Broken Songs”
4. Mandy Patinkin, “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”
5. John Reuben, “Doin'”
6. Maroon 5, “Wake Up Call”
7. Counting Crows, “Good Time”
8. The Weepies, “Antarctica”
9. Radiohead, “Karma Police”
10. Denison Witmer, “Life Before Aesthetics”
11. Radiohead, “No Surprises”
12. Matthew Smith, “Arise O God and Shine”
13. John Vanderslice, “My Old Flame”
14. Counting Crows, “Mr. Jones”
15. Adam Pascal, “Beautiful Song”
16. Elizabeth Stanley, Angel Desai, and Kelly Jeanne Grant, “You Could Drive a Person Crazy”
17. Passion Worship Band, “Break Our Hearts”
18. Eden’s Bridge, “Christmas Is With Us Again”
19. Eliseo Roman, “Piragua (Reprise)” (heehee)
20. Chris Rice, “One of Those Days”

thursday 13

This week: Thirteen roles in plays or musicals that are for the opposite sex, but that you wish you could play somehow.

1. Hamlet.
2. Mark Cohen in Rent.
3. Angel in Rent too, actually. I guess I could do it, but it’d end up being some crazy Victor/Victoria kind of thing and be all awkward.
4. Jean Valjean. Remember my crazy idea to do a gender-reversal of Les Mis? It was mostly born of my desire to hear a woman do “Bring Him Home”.
5. Oh my word, Bobby in Company.
6. Linus in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
7. The stage manager in Our Town (and actually, who’s to tell me I can’t?)
8. Rosencrantz or Guildenstern in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
9. Usnavi in In the Heights.
10. Horatio in Hamlet, if only because he gets to deliver the “Good night, sweet prince” line.
11. John the Baptist/Judas in Godspell.
12. Motel the tailor in Fiddler on the Roof.
13. The balladeer in Assassins.

mix tape monday

This week: Well, the spring equinox was on Saturday, so in honor of that, a playlist for spring:

1. U2, “Beautiful Day”
2. Jackson 5, “I Want You Back”
3. Derek Webb, “I Wanna Marry You All Over Again”
4. The Beatles, “She Loves You”
5. Paul Simon, “Graceland”
6. Patty Griffin, “Chief”
7. Gene Kelly, “Singing In the Rain”
8. Hazel Kaneswaran, “A Sort of Homecoming”
9. The Duhks, “Magalenha”
10. Bon Iver, “Lump Sum”
11. Allison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch, “Didn’t Need Nobody But the Baby”
12. Ceili Rain, “Bliss That I’m Swimmin’ In”
13. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, “Dig Lazarus Dig”
14. Marvin Gaye, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)”
15. Feist, “Mushaboom”
16. Scissor Sisters, “Laura”
17. Coldplay, “Strawberry Swing”
18. Nickel Creek, “The Fox”
19. Eva Cassidy, “Way Beyond the Blue”

probably shouldn’t be awake this late, but:

I have a question for you guys to help me ponder, because y’all are pretty smart folk: What might the American Revolution look like if shifted to the mid-21st century (2030-2040 or so)? A few things that might be a factor:

1) In the year 2035, I will turn 50. People born in this decade (the ’00s) will be in their 20s and 30s. Baby boomers will be in their 80s, and there’ll probably be a LOT of them, given the trends.

2) Technology’s totally different than it was 200+ years ago. Information that took months to deliver in 1776 can get around the world in minutes, if not seconds, now. Something like Common Sense would be blogged and tweeted about by thousands of people now; what might happen in 26 years?

3) There’s not the whole colonial factor to deal with. People would be overthrowing a government that’s on this side of the Atlantic, on this continent, in this nation-state. The situation might be more analogous to the French Revolution or the Civil War.

4) Definitely more urban warfare involved.

Now, help me hash this out: What kinds of factions might there be–would there be a violent revolution and a non-violent one? What would make people rebel against the American government now? Where would fighting take place, and what would it look like? Where do people get involved, and how?

I do realize that there are a lot of factors that would determine this that we can’t foresee now–the economic state, future White House administrations, what becomes of the Iraq and Afghanistan situation, etc.–but any thoughts you guys have on this would help. Also, if you have any helpful resources you can point me to, that’d be swell. Thanks.

a jumble of thoughts while i wait for some CDs to burn

*I think the only thing that could be more dangerous is if your dad is a philosopher: A three-year-old asks her chemistry professor dad “why”.

*A brief illustration of how bizarre being a SXSW cashier is: Last night, my fellow cashier, who works with endangered bird species, walks out of the bathroom, slightly freaked out, because she has a tick on her back. (Her friend just got diagnosed with Lyme’s disease, further increasing her freaked-out-ness.) I get called upon to remove it with a bobby pin, seeing as I’m the only sober one not offering to get it out with a pocketknife the size of my hand. Inside, there’s a band from California playing really great Latin music. It wasn’t so absurd at the moment, but I’m getting weirded out by this the more I think about it.

I got most of it out, by the way. Pocketknife guy got the antennae out (not with his knife, I don’t think).

* The really funny part of this involves a swear word, so you’ve been warned:

*The bluebonnets are all out here in central Texas. I took a drive down Loop 360 yesterday afternoon, windows down, music turned up, looking out at the fields (well. the medians) of blue, accented with the red of the Indian paintbrushes. Perfect March afternoon. Lovely.

*Okay. CD’s done. I have some thoughts brewing that I’ll get up soon. Later, boys and girls.