thursday 13.

This week: Things that freak you out.

1. Escalators that go down. I’m always afraid I’m going to miss a step and fall whenever I get on them.
2. Treadmills (and yet I still run on one…what can I say).
3. Heights.
4. You know that falling feeling that sometimes happens whenever you’re lying in bed trying to fall asleep? I HATE THAT.
5. Pregnancy. Now, I do want to have kids one day, but I’ve heard too many bad stories and watched too many medical shows on TLC to not at least contemplate anything and everything that could go wrong.
6. Getting kissed on the head. I don’t know what it is, but it makes my skin crawl.
7. Really high overpasses.
8. The possibility of losing my mind to something like Alzheimer’s or general dementia.
9. My own general proclivity towards worry, haha.
10. The ending of Fight Club.
11. Roller coasters.
12. Parking lots at night, even if they’re well-lit.
13. Being in a public place that’s a little too quiet.


2 thoughts on “thursday 13.

  1. getting kissed on the head?! that’s like a simple pleasure in life! unless i’m on my way home from the gym…in which case it’s disgusting.

    also, kudos for fighting your fear of treadmills. i hate ’em, and stick to the elliptical machine.

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