and he woke me up again…

(opening music: Sufjan Stevens, “Seven Swans”)

1. Hello, readers. Been busy. Editing stuff and reading articles and making coffee and listening to the new U2 album (which is pretty stellar, by the way). Been mulling over some things. And, well, surfing the Internet and procrastinating way too much. I’m trying to remedy that part.

2. It’s Lent, and so I’ve been considering my sin, one of the foremost of which is a great deal of fear. I think I’ve accumulated it over my (admittedly short) lifetime, partially because of things that have happened to me, I think, but also because fear, in a weird way, gives me the illusion of control. If I can find something to worry about, I can also find a way to guard myself from it. Trusting God means it’s out of my hands, and that freaks me out, truth be told. So I’m trying to learn to give up my need to be the one in charge, which isn’t easy, but it’s good. His love casts out my fear. And He takes away my guilt and shame. And that in turn gives me the boldness to love as I’ve been loved. That still kind of boggles my mind. It’s such basic Christianity, but the simplest things are always the hardest to do.

3. I’ve also been mulling some more over this whole idea of Christianity as story, what it means for the gospel to spark our imaginations, and what that looks like practically, what I can do to be part of engaging people in their own stories with the Great Story. (That was such a strangely constructed sentence. I apologize.) Anyway, I started reading Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places, and there’s a great quote there about this:

Story is the most natural way of enlarging and deepening our sense of reality, and then enlisting us as participants in it. Stories open doors to areas or aspects of life that we didn’t know were there, or had quit noticing out of over-familiarity or supposed were out-of-bounds to us. They then welcome us in. Stories are verbal acts of hospitality.

I like that.

4. Spring break’s coming up soon. I’ll be in H-town Friday through Tuesday, and then I have to be back here in Austin because…

I’m working as a cashier at South By Southwest.

How crazy is that? I’ll be working at the music venues selling tickets, and for this I will get two t-shirts, dinner for four nights, and pay. Seriously. My life does not suck.

5. I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here’s a few questions for you good people:

a) What was the last album you bought, and what’d you think?
b) What are you currently reading?
c) What’d you give up for Lent, you that give things up for Lent?
d) What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite color? :p
e) A question my oral history prof made us ask one another our first day of class: What is the most important thing in your life right now?

(closing music: Caedmon’s Call, “Mother India”)


One thought on “and he woke me up again…

  1. a) “Old Enough” The Raconteurs. It’s awesome. I love Jack White in any form.

    b) I’m reading Pretties by Scott Westerfield and a biography about the women in Louis XIV’s life.

    c) If I had given up anything for Lent, it would have been not working while at work. But I didn’t.

    d) I don’t know what this question is referring to. But my name is Erica and I like red and my quest is to not stress myself to death before I’m 21.

    e) The most important thing in my life right now is to be determined.

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