a jumble of thoughts while i wait for some CDs to burn

*I think the only thing that could be more dangerous is if your dad is a philosopher: A three-year-old asks her chemistry professor dad “why”.

*A brief illustration of how bizarre being a SXSW cashier is: Last night, my fellow cashier, who works with endangered bird species, walks out of the bathroom, slightly freaked out, because she has a tick on her back. (Her friend just got diagnosed with Lyme’s disease, further increasing her freaked-out-ness.) I get called upon to remove it with a bobby pin, seeing as I’m the only sober one not offering to get it out with a pocketknife the size of my hand. Inside, there’s a band from California playing really great Latin music. It wasn’t so absurd at the moment, but I’m getting weirded out by this the more I think about it.

I got most of it out, by the way. Pocketknife guy got the antennae out (not with his knife, I don’t think).

* The really funny part of this involves a swear word, so you’ve been warned:

*The bluebonnets are all out here in central Texas. I took a drive down Loop 360 yesterday afternoon, windows down, music turned up, looking out at the fields (well. the medians) of blue, accented with the red of the Indian paintbrushes. Perfect March afternoon. Lovely.

*Okay. CD’s done. I have some thoughts brewing that I’ll get up soon. Later, boys and girls.


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