probably shouldn’t be awake this late, but:

I have a question for you guys to help me ponder, because y’all are pretty smart folk: What might the American Revolution look like if shifted to the mid-21st century (2030-2040 or so)? A few things that might be a factor:

1) In the year 2035, I will turn 50. People born in this decade (the ’00s) will be in their 20s and 30s. Baby boomers will be in their 80s, and there’ll probably be a LOT of them, given the trends.

2) Technology’s totally different than it was 200+ years ago. Information that took months to deliver in 1776 can get around the world in minutes, if not seconds, now. Something like Common Sense would be blogged and tweeted about by thousands of people now; what might happen in 26 years?

3) There’s not the whole colonial factor to deal with. People would be overthrowing a government that’s on this side of the Atlantic, on this continent, in this nation-state. The situation might be more analogous to the French Revolution or the Civil War.

4) Definitely more urban warfare involved.

Now, help me hash this out: What kinds of factions might there be–would there be a violent revolution and a non-violent one? What would make people rebel against the American government now? Where would fighting take place, and what would it look like? Where do people get involved, and how?

I do realize that there are a lot of factors that would determine this that we can’t foresee now–the economic state, future White House administrations, what becomes of the Iraq and Afghanistan situation, etc.–but any thoughts you guys have on this would help. Also, if you have any helpful resources you can point me to, that’d be swell. Thanks.


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