definitely beautiful.

A brief update, for anyone who’s still reading:

1. Last day of classes was today (and all the people rejoiced). I still have a meeting with a professor on Tuesday to turn in a bunch of material and give her feedback on the class before she moves to Tennessee, and I need to finish up a project this weekend, but that’s all easy stuff. I got a second job for the summer working at Austin Presbyterian Seminary‘s library doing circulation (they’re PCUSA, but I’ll take what I can get, haha). Still going to rock the Target/Starbucks, too, for the sake of work hours and keeping my health insurance. Also, me plus lots of free time usually leads to trouble; I would end up in another state or something ridiculous like that.

2. Currently cranking through The Best American Nonrequired Reading for 2008–it’s a collection of short stories and short nonfiction pieces, curated* by Dave Eggers and the good people at McSweeney’s. Lots of fun.

2a. *I find that since being in my program, I catch myself using terms like “curation” and “metadata”. Freaks me out a little bit.

3. I’ve had an idea stewing that I’ve discussed with some of you–I want to see a national conference happen on women, theology, and the mission of God. I know this happens on a church/regional basis, but I would really love to see something like this nationwide. I think it’s a real need in the church for us ladies to get equipped with that kind of resource, so I’m thinking about putting together a proposal or something to send to some folks and sitting down with my pastors and elders about it, maybe. Anyone else interested in this?

4. Also have a couple of things stewing that I think I’m going to use the summer to hash out and plan, but that’ll show up here at a later date, probably. I’m actually working on things for all you guys that signed up for me to make something for you a few posts back, so be on the lookout for those.

5. Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Cheers, guys.


4 thoughts on “definitely beautiful.

  1. Yay for Taylor Mali references.

    I’ve got a NonRequired from 04 that i haven’t read yet.

    And you have good ideas about things.

    random comment–POSTED.

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