my my my, how the days go by…

I took this survey seven years ago, in the early days of my blog, so just to give you an idea of how much things have changed, here’s the original post.

15 years ago I:
1. was nine years old.
2. went to public school.
3. had a week (I think this was when I was nine…) where I missed school because I think I was having a severe depressive episode. Very strange.
4. had a love-hate relationship with this kid named Andrew.
5. …can’t remember anything else, except I think this was during my Harry Potter glasses stage.

10 years ago, I:
1. was 14 and about to start high school (holy crap, that was ten years ago).
2. sang Luisa’s part in “So Long, Farewell” during my school’s musical revue. I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly, indeed.
3. was starting friendships with some people I’m still friends with to this day.
4. was still a pretty new Christian.
5. had Mrs. Gertson for Bible class. Why I remember this, I’m not sure.

5 years ago, I:
1. finished my freshman year of college.
2. had just become convinced of paedobaptism, I think.
3. decided to be Kacy’s roommate the next year.
4. had just met a bunch of people from CGR.
5. smoked my first cigarettes and completely freaked out my parents (and I think rightfully so).

2 years ago, I:
1. graduated college (whoa) with a 3.67 GPA and a BA in English.
2. at this point, I think I was looking for a job.
3. had to come to grips with a certain crush I had.
4. was getting some good counseling from our RUF intern.
5. had to move all my crap out of our apartment (haha).

1 year ago, I:
1. worked for Target…
2. had just gotten rejected by UNC.
3. had just gotten accepted by UT.
4. went to New York City with Steph.
5. pretty much still had the same crush as previously mentioned.

Yesterday, I:
1. started my new job at Stitt Library (woot).
2. came home and took a nap.
3. allowed my roommate to use my cell to vote for Kris Allen eight thousand times.
4. journaled for the first time in a while.
5. drank a smoothie for lunch.

Today, I:
1. got out of bed at noon.
2. did some laundry…
3. went to work.
4. walked to Texpresso and got an iced coffee.
5. played music on my computer for my roommate.

Tomorrow, I:
1. have a dentist appointment (my first in five years…I figured I was about due).
2. need to swing by work and fill out some paperwork.
3. might get an Austin Public Library card. We’ll see.
4. will probably go to Barnes and Noble and work on some stuff.
5. might call some people. Stay tuned.

Five snacks i enjoy
1. baby carrots and hummus
2. iced coffee
3. peaches
4. Greek yogurt and honey
5. bananas and peanut butter

Five songs I know all the words to, even without the music
1. “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse
2. “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens
3. “August In Bethany” by The Juliana Theory
4. “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin
5. “Magnificent” by U2

Five books I like:
1. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
2. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston
3. Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
4. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
5. Planet Narnia by Michael Ward

Five things i would buy with $1000:
1. A dress for Sam and Ashley’s wedding next month
2. A bass
3. A couple of books for some friends
4. Dinner and drinks for my roommate and me
5. A car wash

Top five musicians lately (not in any particular order)
1. U2
2. The Frames
3. Patty Griffin
4. Radiohead
5. Wilco

Five bad habits I have
1. procrastinating
2. forgetting to pray
3. popping my zits
4. eating in my car
5. leaving my junk everywhere

five things I would never wear
1. miniskirts
2. the color yellow (it makes me look hungover, it’s pretty bad)
3. this (the comments there are hilariously awesome, though, and thanks to Jonathan Hays for that)
4. Ugg boots (I’m sorry, but NO)
5. anything with the Texas A&M logo (just on principle–sic ’em, Bears/hook ’em, Horns)

Five tv shows i like
1. Lost
2. Ace of Cakes
3. Mythbusters
4. Firefly
5. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

five places i’ve lived
1. Seoul
2. St. Louis
3. Houston
4. Waco
5. Austin

my top five biggest worries at the moment
1. my mom’s health
2. whether or not I’m going to move in the fall
3. trying to lose weight
4. finances
5. getting some stuff done that I want to get done

my top five biggest joys at the moment
1. summer
2. working
3. my church
4. music
5. friends & family

five things that make you laugh
1. Eddie Izzard
2. my roommate’s general insanity
3. people at school
4. people at work

five things you love
1. the church
2. music
3. making stuff
4. rhythm sections of bands
5. the city of Austin

Five things on your desk
1. cup full of pencils
2. pencil sharpener
3. papers
4. a letter from my Compassion child
5. not my computer, oddly enough (I’m in the dining room)

Five facts about you
1. Good bass lines make me really happy.
2. I have really dry skin.
3. My hands used to shake whenever I read poetry in front of other people.
4. I used to want to be a professor, and then realized I’m not wired to be an academic because I really hate doing research. Thus, I became a librarian, so I get to help people do research.
5. One of my favorite things about Austin is the number of places there are where you can just hang out.

five things you can do
1. memorize large chunks of text
2. make pretty decent mix CDs
3. make a good latte
4. eat more food than some guys I know, which is either impressive or frightening
5. write sestinas

five things you can’t do
1. math or science
2. formulate a linear argument (hence why I’m bad at math and science)
3. speak Korean, which feels ironic
4. drink hard cider (had a bad, though not life-threatening, allergic reaction to it)
5. listen to “Konstantine” without thinking of high school

five things you say the most
1. crap!
2. I know, right? (and this annoys me…I need to quit saying this)
3. you know (as a verbal tic…also annoying)
4. uh-huh
5. crazy


One thought on “my my my, how the days go by…

  1. You know what’s great about the old one? You have Creed down as one of your favorite musical artists lol. Funny to think of when we thought “Higher” was like, the best song in the world.

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