Ever since I took that oral history class last semester, I’ve been thinking of projects I’d like to do. The only thing is, I need funding and participants, so just in case someone finds this in the future, or if any of y’all would like to participate, here’s my list:

*I actually want to do a history of all my living family members, mostly because I think there’s a lot of backstory I don’t know, so any family reading this, I’m just going to warn you now that I might be coming after you with an audio recorder. 😉

*Pastors of churches that are less than ten years old, and their wives.

*Female academics, especially minorities and women at private institutions.

*People whose families have been affected by cancer.

*People whose families have been affected by mental disorders or mental illness.

*Veterans of the Iraq War.


One thought on “hm.

  1. Sara

    So I just tried to call you, and instead called a very nice girl from my math class last semester (who was undoubtedly as confused as I was about the phone call). This means that you should call me, since you are apparently not in my cell 😦

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