*does a little dance*

The rumor is that Twitter makes you blog less, which seems to be at least kind of true in my case. (It’s also making me read less, but that’s another story.) So this is a small attempt to remedy that.

I’ve been on this odd salsa music kick lately–maybe it’s the summer, maybe it’s the fact that I just watched Buena Vista Social Club the other day–but that, combined with the new season of So You Think You Can Dance has made me wish I knew how to Latin dance. I can kind of merengue, but nothing fancy, so I can only imagine it in my head. Alas. And speaking of So You Think You Can Dance, only one of the brothers in the below post made it through to the rest of the show, the one in the top video, which was a bummer. 😦 I very nearly cried.

…this is shaping up to be probably one of the most random posts ever. Apologies, friends.

My roommate, who’s a teacher, has gotten out of school for the summer, and let me tell you, she’s excited. More excited than one would think. She’s sitting across from me putting in final grades as we speak. There may be alcohol involved later. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve been working on some other things, working my jobs, trying to find a house to live in next year (house? yeah…long story I think I’m going to save for another time), so…really, nothing much to say. I catch myself saying that a lot here on the blog these days. Trying to find some way to remedy that, but I don’t know if it’ll necessarily work. Hope y’all are doing well.


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