a few random points, while I’m thinking about them:

*I know a lot of people want to see a second Protestant Reformation happen in our time–the question is, who will be our Luther and Calvin and Zwingli (or who are those guys, if they’re around now), or who are and who have been our Hus and Wycliffe? Who’s going to nail the theses to the door? Or is it going to be a plethora of people?

*Garrison Keillor is a freaking genius. A Prairie Home Companion’s on the radio right now, and Billy Collins is reading poetry, and we’ve gotten to listen to alt-country singers from Australia. This is such a good show, and if you don’t listen, start. It’s a good way to spend the early part of your Saturday evening, or a Sunday afternoon. Skits, music, and a couple of monologues on various and sundry topics. Folksy. Comforting.

*My father is reading, so Dad, I apologize in advance, but it feels like a good night to go out on the porch and drink a beer whilst reading a book. If not tonight, it’ll happen sometime this week. Summer is good beer on the porch weather.

*What kind of music do you associate with summer? For me, it’s jazz, salsa music, sixties R&B, and gospel music (I think that comes from all those CFBC mission trips I took during my youth).

*Finally, I apologize for all the YouTubage lately, but I CAN’T QUIT WATCHING THIS:


3 thoughts on “a few random points, while I’m thinking about them:

  1. Steph

    Mm, I agree with pretty much all of that. Especially the beer on the porch. Sorry Mr. M! And yeah, that clip is incredible.

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