the t13 strikes back

Woo, been a while. Sorry, y’all. This week: Because I need this, 13 good things in your life right now.

1. I have good friends and good parents.
2. There’s a Whataburger around the corner, and they make very good shakes.
3. My mom’s out of the hospital, yay!
4. I get paid in the morning, yay!
5. There is both Dr Pepper and beer in my fridge.
6. I have not one, but two jobs.
7. Air conditioning! Seriously, y’all, if you live in Texas and have never thanked God for air conditioning, shame on you. 😉
8. I heart my church.
9. My old churches podcast, so I get to keep up with them, too.
10. My friends Ashley and Sam are getting married next week!
11. I have access to not one, but THREE different library systems. This is awesome.
12. Actually, I think I’m losing weight, and I haven’t been doing anything intentional to do so. Weird, eh?
13. I am Christ’s and He is mine. Amazing.


2 thoughts on “the t13 strikes back

  1. 1. Good times with awesome friends and family
    2. Birthdays
    3. Wine
    4. T13 reminding me that I have a good life, even on Monday mornings.
    5. Good job
    6. The excitement of the next two weeks (wedding and vacation!)
    7. Father’s day leftovers in the fridge
    8. Having more stuff than I could ever possible need in my apartment right now
    9. A red car that doesn’t guzzle gas greedily (I had to go for the alliteration…)
    10. Kind of knowing what I want to do with the next few years.
    11. Grapefruit body wash
    12. Good grades in summer school
    13. Free time now that the crazy season is over at work.

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