thursday 13

This week: Thirteen things you want to learn how to do.

1. Use a sewing machine.
2. Be fluent in Spanish.
3. Salsa dance.
4. Make puff pastry from scratch.
5. Crochet.
6. Write (better) HTML and XML and CSS and all that nonsense.
7. Write calligraphy.
8. Write databases.
9. Mix sound (I sort of know how to do this, but I want to be better at it).
10. Get better at using Excel.
11. Work statistics.
12. Knit intarsia and Fair Isle (the fancy colorwork kind of stuff–like this).
13. Do camera work for movies.


One thought on “thursday 13

  1. 1) Speak Latin.
    2) Fencing/sword-fighting. (Foils AND broadswords.)
    3) Play cello.
    4) Run a marathon.
    4b) Run a half-marathon.
    4c) Run a mile without wanting to die.
    5) Ballroom dancing.
    6) Real cooking, with fresh spices and stuff.
    7) See a writing project through to completion.
    8) Play guitar (to pick up Tha Ladies…)
    9) Re-learn Spanish.

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