a brief update

dwelling on: “The bravest thing I own is hope.” — Brave Saint Saturn, “Daylight”

reading: Stephen King, On Writing; SInclair Ferguson, The Christian Life. About to start David McCullough’s massive biography of John Adams. I find that since I’ve graduated college, I’ve been reading a lot more non-fiction, which is bizarre to me since nearly my entire undergrad career was spent reading fiction (with the occasional philosophy or literary criticism text). Maybe I just burned out on it, or maybe my mind just switched gears somewhere, but, yeah. Still weird.

listening to: Lots of podcasts; WIlco (the album) (awesome); the soundtrack to Next To Normal (amazing and heartbreaking); unusual amounts of Buena Vista Social Club

rooting for: Jeanine on So You Think You Can Dance (finale’s this week, yo), and Teacher Dave, who’s training for a half-marathon (and if you know him, you know this is a big deal).


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