Live from Austin, this is…Wednesday afternoon

A few happy things that have happened to me that I haven’t blogged about:

*I got flowers a couple weeks ago from the lovely Mrs. Cole, and they made my kitchen smell really good. There’s still one holdout which is now living in a bud vase.

*My parents sent me a package which contained, among other things, a box of Oatmeal Creme Pies. Those, with peanut butter, are one thing I’ll have to take with me en masse if I ever move out of the country (like I increasingly want to do).

*One of my projects this semester is to come up with a strategic plan for a non-profit, and my team chose a computer museum here in town which is really incredible. We got to meet with the guy this morning, and he’s really enthusiastic about us working with him. All you folks in the ATX, go check it out and support it. Two of my classmates and I are going to work on making it better.

*I knitted a really beautiful something…which I can’t post, because it’s for someone who signed up at this post. I might post a pic once I actually give it to them. (By the way, if you haven’t gotten your thingamabob from me yet, it’ll come. I’m still brain storming on some of the items, so hang tight.)

*I got to talk to Sara (who doesn’t really blog anymore, oh well) and Erica the other day on the phone, which was lovely. Good to hear from y’all.

“people get ready, there’s a train a-comin’…”

1. I’ve taken to walking around my new neighborhood lately. I live in a very walkable part of the city, and seeing as Austin’s been named one of the greenest cities in America, I’ve been guilted into not driving when I could walk somewhere. And it’s been nice. There are some very cool houses around me, and I’ve noticed things that I wouldn’t have just by driving by them, so that’s been good. Also, it’s been saving me gas, which is a bonus.

However, this is something else I’ve noticed, and I’ve been rather convicted about–I don’t know my neighbors. I’ve met the guy next door, mostly because he leaves his door open all the time and is therefore kind of hard to miss. (For those who are wondering, yes, he is always clothed, and no, he’s never doing anything weird or scary.) But I don’t know him. It’s been a while, honestly, since I’ve lived in community with other people. I’m starting to build some through this ministry I’m involved with, but it’s hard for me, mostly because it’s hard for me to get outside my own head.

This Sunday my pastor preached on pride (we’re doing a series on the seven deadly sins, which I think is going to be fun), and the thing is, he said, humility isn’t thinking less of yourself. In other words, it’s not about having low self-esteem or whatever. The key is, it’s just not thinking about yourself as much. You get outside yourself. You dwell more on God. You consider other people more than you do yourself.

Now, this is hard for me, because I’m introverted and I’m lazy, which is a bad combination already, but it’s now compounded by the fact that I live by myself. Whose stupid idea was this, anyway? But God knows me, and I have to remember that He’s not done with me yet. It’s only by His Spirit that I am going to kill my pride. And I have to be patient about it.

2. And I don’t say that to be Debbie Downer or anything, I just felt like sharing. Maybe it’ll encourage someone out there, I dunno.

3. I’ve been on this weird Bruce Springsteen kick lately. I downloaded his album of Pete Seeger covers a while back, and goodness, people, I think I’ve fallen in love. I already sort of liked his music, but that jump started it for me. He’s past his glory days, I think (…no pun intended there, I swear), but he’s still cranking out some good stuff.

4. This is going to be a long one. This is what happens when I don’t blog for a while. Sorry, y’all.

5. So, what else is up…um, school. That’s about it. I’m about to start volunteering at a used bookstore the public library system here runs, and I get to volunteer at ACL this year (okay, that’s just amazing), and I signed up to volunteer at the Texas Book Festival at the end of October. Next month brings a U2 show, and possibly a Waterdeep show as well, and a bunch of people’s birthdays, and due dates for a bunch of projects, so if I end up being quiet for a while again, sorry.

6. If you’re wondering where that post title came from, here you go:


I spent the afternoon in a crowded room
and watched as the towers fell from heaven.
Something shifted in space and time,
though none of us could say what:
We were fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,
with very little knowledge of what would make
a man offer himself on a fiery altar
for his faith in the god of vengeance.

And now every autumn we rewind the tape
to watch over and over again
the formation of the wound
which only the God who sought justice by
His own death
will ever fully heal.

thursday 13

Blatantly stealing this idea from this post of Hannah’s, this week’s theme is your current obsessions.

1. The musical Next to Normal. Haven’t seen it, since it’s only playing in New York, but I do own the soundtrack, and it’s amazing. An excerpt:

2. Bizarrely, the songs “The Boxer” (Simon & Garfunkel) and “Miracle Drug” (U2). No clue why.

3. This is weird, because temps are still in the 90s here in Austin, but hot beverages. I’ve been downing coffee and tea like they’re going out of style. I do find, though, that hot liquids actually help my body temperature go down. Crazy, eh?

4. This blog.

5. Making playlists with Genius in iTunes. Seriously, I have seven saved in my sidebar, all of them really good.

6. For some reason, the American Revolution has been catching my interest a lot lately.

7. Trying to find new shoes–not an easy task, as most shoes I can afford are too narrow for my feet (I have extra bones in my feet–seriously–which add about half an inch of width to my feet I wouldn’t have otherwise).

8. Related to #3, in my new neighborhood there are a lot of local-run coffeehouses, and I am spending a lot of time there–not just for the beverages, but also because I hate spending a lot of time in the Shoebox*.

(*This is what I’m calling my new place, in my mind. For some reason I like the idea of naming one’s place of residence. Part of me wants to marry a pastor just so we can call our house The Manse.)

9. This one’s more out of necessity than anything, but organizing my junk.

10. Paying more attention to the bass and percussion in songs.

11. Craig Ferguson and the Late Late Show on CBS (as evidenced by all the puppet videos). Can’t resist–here’s another clip:

12. Again, more out of necessity than anything, but making (and crossing stuff off of) to-do lists. Huzzah!

13. Um, the fact that I’m going to a U2 show next month. And a Derek Webb show. And potentially a Wilco show. Am I crazy?

thursday 13

This week: 13 albums you like to listen to on road trips. I know I’ve done a Mix Tape Monday playlist, but now I’m looking for whole albums.

1. DC Talk, Jesus Freak
2. Waterdeep, Heart Attack Time Machine (especially for night driving)
3. The Frames,
4. Patty Griffin, 1000 Kisses
5. U2, Joshua Tree (there is nothing like going through all that farmland in east Texas with “In God’s Country” blaring)
6. Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits
7. Punch Brothers, Punch
8. Ben Folds Five, Whatever and Ever Amen
9. Wilco, A Ghost is Born
10. Andrew Osenga, Photographs
11. Derek Webb, The Ringing Bell
12. Bruce Springsteen, The Rising
13. Any one of my Broadway soundtracks–no joke. If you’ve never belted showtunes at the top of your lungs in the middle of nowhere, you’re missing out on an experience.

in which she actually posts something that’s not youtube or a t13

No videos or whatnot, I promise. Maybe.

Hi, everyone. Sorry I’ve been rather terse of late.

So, what’s been up? Well, I moved, to an apartment roughly the size of a shoebox. Classes have started. All that jazz. ‘Sall good. Haven’t really been doing any heavy thinking, except about rehashing the usual suspects. Life. Where it’s going. What I’m going to have for dinner. That kind of thing. Been kind of obsessing about Myers-Briggs of late, which hasn’t been helped by one of my professors making us all take the test (which is about the 20th time or so for me). So there’s that. I think my thought life has suddenly become more or less boring–which I guess I’m okay with, except it makes for really uninteresting blog posts.

I will be in Houston this weekend, though–one of my old roommates is throwing an end-of-summer shindig down in Galveston on Saturday, so I’ll be around.

Funny thing happening: All of the pastors of churches I’ve been members of since I started college are having children in the next year or so. (Well. They’re not, their wives are. But you know what I mean.) Kind of funny, especially since 1) they all have kids already and 2) two of them are already in their mid-forties, which means this batch of kids won’t be out of the house until these guys are in their sixties. I don’t know why I think this is so amusing, but I do.

One more thing: A brief user survey, since we haven’t done one in a while:

a) So, what’s up with you lately?
b) What was the last concert you went to (and how was it)?
c) What was the last thing you bought?
d) What’s the weirdest/quirkiest piece of clothing you own?