in which she actually posts something that’s not youtube or a t13

No videos or whatnot, I promise. Maybe.

Hi, everyone. Sorry I’ve been rather terse of late.

So, what’s been up? Well, I moved, to an apartment roughly the size of a shoebox. Classes have started. All that jazz. ‘Sall good. Haven’t really been doing any heavy thinking, except about rehashing the usual suspects. Life. Where it’s going. What I’m going to have for dinner. That kind of thing. Been kind of obsessing about Myers-Briggs of late, which hasn’t been helped by one of my professors making us all take the test (which is about the 20th time or so for me). So there’s that. I think my thought life has suddenly become more or less boring–which I guess I’m okay with, except it makes for really uninteresting blog posts.

I will be in Houston this weekend, though–one of my old roommates is throwing an end-of-summer shindig down in Galveston on Saturday, so I’ll be around.

Funny thing happening: All of the pastors of churches I’ve been members of since I started college are having children in the next year or so. (Well. They’re not, their wives are. But you know what I mean.) Kind of funny, especially since 1) they all have kids already and 2) two of them are already in their mid-forties, which means this batch of kids won’t be out of the house until these guys are in their sixties. I don’t know why I think this is so amusing, but I do.

One more thing: A brief user survey, since we haven’t done one in a while:

a) So, what’s up with you lately?
b) What was the last concert you went to (and how was it)?
c) What was the last thing you bought?
d) What’s the weirdest/quirkiest piece of clothing you own?


5 thoughts on “in which she actually posts something that’s not youtube or a t13

  1. Sara

    Ooh! Me first! Me first!

    a) I’m slowly going out of mind with the whole no school yet thing. And I’m applying for next summer’s internships, which is ridiculous, since it is only September (thank you security clearances.)
    b) I think that was the harp recital of doom back in April. It is entirely possible that my life is sad.
    c) Katie’s custard with Erica and Jessi 🙂
    d) Assuming hats count as clothing, that’d by my Soviet military hat, I think. What’s yours?

    I miss you, and feel that I have not spoken with you in a long time. Phone date soonly?

  2. 1. School, meetings, library things, etc 🙂 (eating dinner with Sara)
    2. I’ve forgotten…Fall Out Boy in April (possibly, this is after much deliberation)
    3. Water in the SUB, other than that, a pretty purple shirt.
    4. Yellow shoes!

    I hope that you got all settled into the shoebox!

  3. Steph

    1. Coffee, coffee, coffee! And a few books (aka – my new job at the Barnes and Nobles Cafe)
    2. Derek Webb last Saturday night!! It was quite possibly the best concert I’ve ever been to.
    3. Shampoo at target today
    4. My “Listen to Bob Dylan” hoodie, which I’ve been wearing a lot lately comes to mind. It’s probably not the weirdest thing though..

    What’re your answers?

  4. my answers? 1) trying to break out of slacker mode and into school and work and stuff. figuring out my future. the usual daily existential crisis. 2) phil marshall at momo’s about a month ago. he’s good. you should check him out. 3) dinner at chili’s sunday night. 4) toss-up between the fairy wings and the homemade purple hat with earflaps.

  5. ha, that’s funny, i recently got on a weird myers-briggs kick, too. i thought i’d gotten over it sophomore year of college, but the urge to try and figure out people’s personality types has come back with a vengeance as of late.

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