thursday 13

Blatantly stealing this idea from this post of Hannah’s, this week’s theme is your current obsessions.

1. The musical Next to Normal. Haven’t seen it, since it’s only playing in New York, but I do own the soundtrack, and it’s amazing. An excerpt:

2. Bizarrely, the songs “The Boxer” (Simon & Garfunkel) and “Miracle Drug” (U2). No clue why.

3. This is weird, because temps are still in the 90s here in Austin, but hot beverages. I’ve been downing coffee and tea like they’re going out of style. I do find, though, that hot liquids actually help my body temperature go down. Crazy, eh?

4. This blog.

5. Making playlists with Genius in iTunes. Seriously, I have seven saved in my sidebar, all of them really good.

6. For some reason, the American Revolution has been catching my interest a lot lately.

7. Trying to find new shoes–not an easy task, as most shoes I can afford are too narrow for my feet (I have extra bones in my feet–seriously–which add about half an inch of width to my feet I wouldn’t have otherwise).

8. Related to #3, in my new neighborhood there are a lot of local-run coffeehouses, and I am spending a lot of time there–not just for the beverages, but also because I hate spending a lot of time in the Shoebox*.

(*This is what I’m calling my new place, in my mind. For some reason I like the idea of naming one’s place of residence. Part of me wants to marry a pastor just so we can call our house The Manse.)

9. This one’s more out of necessity than anything, but organizing my junk.

10. Paying more attention to the bass and percussion in songs.

11. Craig Ferguson and the Late Late Show on CBS (as evidenced by all the puppet videos). Can’t resist–here’s another clip:

12. Again, more out of necessity than anything, but making (and crossing stuff off of) to-do lists. Huzzah!

13. Um, the fact that I’m going to a U2 show next month. And a Derek Webb show. And potentially a Wilco show. Am I crazy?


3 thoughts on “thursday 13

  1. I am in full support of this post 🙂

    Especially Craig Ferguson! I love that guy! I seem to remember the puppets evolving because he has to do that stupid minute-long thing before the show starts, to catch people’s attention and make them want to watch the show…and he ran out of things to do and got bored. I love his well-spoken monologues, and his “fake band,” and his wide array of guests (I remember once Salman Rushdie was on, and introduced the musical guest, 3 6 Mafia…I’ll have to find the YouTube clip for that)…it’s just good entertainment.

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