“people get ready, there’s a train a-comin’…”

1. I’ve taken to walking around my new neighborhood lately. I live in a very walkable part of the city, and seeing as Austin’s been named one of the greenest cities in America, I’ve been guilted into not driving when I could walk somewhere. And it’s been nice. There are some very cool houses around me, and I’ve noticed things that I wouldn’t have just by driving by them, so that’s been good. Also, it’s been saving me gas, which is a bonus.

However, this is something else I’ve noticed, and I’ve been rather convicted about–I don’t know my neighbors. I’ve met the guy next door, mostly because he leaves his door open all the time and is therefore kind of hard to miss. (For those who are wondering, yes, he is always clothed, and no, he’s never doing anything weird or scary.) But I don’t know him. It’s been a while, honestly, since I’ve lived in community with other people. I’m starting to build some through this ministry I’m involved with, but it’s hard for me, mostly because it’s hard for me to get outside my own head.

This Sunday my pastor preached on pride (we’re doing a series on the seven deadly sins, which I think is going to be fun), and the thing is, he said, humility isn’t thinking less of yourself. In other words, it’s not about having low self-esteem or whatever. The key is, it’s just not thinking about yourself as much. You get outside yourself. You dwell more on God. You consider other people more than you do yourself.

Now, this is hard for me, because I’m introverted and I’m lazy, which is a bad combination already, but it’s now compounded by the fact that I live by myself. Whose stupid idea was this, anyway? But God knows me, and I have to remember that He’s not done with me yet. It’s only by His Spirit that I am going to kill my pride. And I have to be patient about it.

2. And I don’t say that to be Debbie Downer or anything, I just felt like sharing. Maybe it’ll encourage someone out there, I dunno.

3. I’ve been on this weird Bruce Springsteen kick lately. I downloaded his album of Pete Seeger covers a while back, and goodness, people, I think I’ve fallen in love. I already sort of liked his music, but that jump started it for me. He’s past his glory days, I think (…no pun intended there, I swear), but he’s still cranking out some good stuff.

4. This is going to be a long one. This is what happens when I don’t blog for a while. Sorry, y’all.

5. So, what else is up…um, school. That’s about it. I’m about to start volunteering at a used bookstore the public library system here runs, and I get to volunteer at ACL this year (okay, that’s just amazing), and I signed up to volunteer at the Texas Book Festival at the end of October. Next month brings a U2 show, and possibly a Waterdeep show as well, and a bunch of people’s birthdays, and due dates for a bunch of projects, so if I end up being quiet for a while again, sorry.

6. If you’re wondering where that post title came from, here you go:


3 thoughts on ““people get ready, there’s a train a-comin’…”

  1. Reading about Hyde Park and Al make me happy :). It’s weird that you took over my apartment, I feel like you took over my Austin life for me or something too. But Al (the neighbor, in case he hasn’t actually introduced himself yet) is pretty cool and will probably try to invite you over for ice cream. Anyways, I miss Austin a lot. Hyde Park especially. I love walking around and picking out the houses I want there. There’s a blue on I loved.

    I hope you have fun with ACL and everything!

  2. So many bookstores! When you come visit me we will go to the Strand.

    I think C.S. Lewis might have said something similar about humility. It’s really interesting.

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