Live from Austin, this is…Wednesday afternoon

A few happy things that have happened to me that I haven’t blogged about:

*I got flowers a couple weeks ago from the lovely Mrs. Cole, and they made my kitchen smell really good. There’s still one holdout which is now living in a bud vase.

*My parents sent me a package which contained, among other things, a box of Oatmeal Creme Pies. Those, with peanut butter, are one thing I’ll have to take with me en masse if I ever move out of the country (like I increasingly want to do).

*One of my projects this semester is to come up with a strategic plan for a non-profit, and my team chose a computer museum here in town which is really incredible. We got to meet with the guy this morning, and he’s really enthusiastic about us working with him. All you folks in the ATX, go check it out and support it. Two of my classmates and I are going to work on making it better.

*I knitted a really beautiful something…which I can’t post, because it’s for someone who signed up at this post. I might post a pic once I actually give it to them. (By the way, if you haven’t gotten your thingamabob from me yet, it’ll come. I’m still brain storming on some of the items, so hang tight.)

*I got to talk to Sara (who doesn’t really blog anymore, oh well) and Erica the other day on the phone, which was lovely. Good to hear from y’all.


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