deadly, or: what will eventually kill me

if I were penniless
and you owned the whole world
I would not beg you
but would spit in your face instead

I can only mourn for
what I will never have
and will only be comforted
on the day you lose instead of me

it takes too much work
to inherit the earth
when the man comes around to collect the meek
I might sleep through the trumpet sound

hungry, I try to absorb everything
thirsty, I drink down the spirit of the age
and like alice’s tiger I get caught by
desire again and again and again

I would rather be shown justice
as long as I get to enact my own
vengeance is mine and I will repay
even if i burn along with my enemies

if this be blindness, I don’t want to see
let me keep my eyes and gaze
on the prey I will always be trying to
catch and show off with the rest of my trophies

trying to satisfy the god that growls at me
every time it demands sacrifice
i have no peace to offer you
just my own restless need to be full

a kingdom, comfort, the whole earth,
satisfaction, mercy, a vision, a family:
these you would offer me, if only I would come and die–
but i would build my own puny empire instead.


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