hoo boy.

The hours since Friday at about 5:30 have been pretty epic, I have to say. Since then I:

*hung out with my old roommate and a bunch of her friends (who are becoming my friends, too) for her birthday party–we went out for a bit and had some eats and some wine and some good conversation. While I don’t entirely agree with them sometimes, they’re all very interesting interlocutors and fun brains to pick.

*had aforementioned roommate over to my place for brunch on Saturday. We found this ridiculous pancake mix–it came with chocolate chips that had bacon in them. Yes. Surprisingly tasty. We also went to drop off her U2 ticket (she couldn’t go, alas) with a very cordial guy who bought it off of her on Craigslist.

*made soup! (Chicken broth, crushed tomatoes, spinach, brown rice, corn, black beans, chickpeas, and a bunch of Italian seasoning. Yum.)

*drove to Arlington, and got stuck on some back roads on the way there (I have never been more grateful for my GPS)

*hung out with Teacher Dave for a bit before the rest of the crew came up from Houston. (Today’s Dave’s birthday, by the way. Go say hi.)

*missed a connection with Jonathan/eustacepedler, sometime commenter on this blog (sorry again about that, man).

*went to go see U2 and Muse. HOLY CRAP, PEOPLE. Amazing. We were down on the floor (which, if you think about it, is kind of amazing in and of itself, considering professional football games are played down there). There were points when we were literally about 70-80 feet from the band. I am now kicking myself for not bringing a camera. 🙂 The only thing is, everyone was so packed in that in the back of my mind I was sort of freaking out (I’m a little bit claustrophobic), and there were these two girls there that were sort of drunk and completely not mindful of other people (they almost smacked Steph in the face a few times; I very nearly told them off). However, there were moments of utter, utter beauty and transcendence, such as, for instance, this:

The nice thing, too, is that I got to hang out with some excellent people from Houston that I’d met but didn’t really know very well, and it was lovely. Much sarcasm and ribbing and show analysis (and lots and lots of walking) and such tends to help people bond. (Also, we kept losing Dave, to the point where we wondered if he had been raptured.)

*drove home to Austin on four hours of sleep in torrential rain, which was probably not the smartest thing I have ever done (but oh well).

*called Steph when I got home, only to find out her car had hydroplaned and crashed–everyone’s okay, but she’s now without a car for a while, and that crew all had to shove into one vehicle for the duration of the trip back, which I imagine was less than fun…

*went to go hear one of my old professors talk about, of all things, U2 and faith, at a local bookstore. (He wrote a book about it.)

But today, it’s back to the grind. And that’s okay.


5 thoughts on “hoo boy.

  1. hannah s.

    ooo-de-lolly! what an adventure. i LOVE that you got to be on the floor — i thought you had to camp overnight to get to do that!! shows what i know 🙂 i heard the set is amazing, muse rocked everyone’s faces, the steering-wheel-mic is absurd…etc. i’m living vicariously through all who see u2 (which appears to be ALL MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS at different times).

  2. Oh, I almost forgot–on the floor there was this incredibly hot red-haired guy. I’m always saying how I want to marry a redhead, and this guy was basically my platonic ideal of a redhead. Unfortunately, I was too chicken (and a little squished, also) to go and talk to him, but I did watch him a little bit…

  3. Pretty epic stuff. Me and my group were up in sec. 302 for the U2 show, so the sound wasn’t nearly as good as it reportedly was on the field. And it was downright terrible during “The Unforgettable Fire”. I really liked the “I Still Haven’t Found…” –> “Stand By Me” part though. It was a VERY long walk back to the car, since we parked near the Rangers Ballpark (a friend was working that lot and let us in for free!), but we all enjoyed the show, despite the sometimes crappy sound.

    That’s alright about the missed connection. I’ll have to tell you the story sometime about where I was when you called that afternoon, it was slightly awkward.

  4. Ashley

    Exciting blog! So, from stalking you on FB I learned that you’ve been in Houston this weekend. Did you see Lulu? (Or was she the roommate that you fed chocolate bacon pancakes to?) I may be getting my weekends confused.

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