the living room recommends

(I haven’t done one of these since June of last year. Figured we’re about due.)

The Time Traveler’s Wife
The book, not the movie, which is apparently terrible, which didn’t surprise me while I was reading the novel, because it is basically unfilmable without some serious alterations–which would kill it. The book is lovely, though, a long meditation on the nature of relationships and, perhaps, terminal illness (at least that’s what I thought, anyway). A caveat: Lots of sex (much of it unnecessary), lots of strong language. So proceed with caution.

All these really great sermons at
I know, I know, we Reformed folk are in danger of making Tim Keller our Presbyterian pope, but that’s hardly any fault of his (and I think making an idol of him is terribly ironic, considering the topic of his latest book). Anyway, for Redeemer’s 20th anniversary, they’ve put up 150 of their recorded sermons and forums and such, and there’s a wealth of material there. I’m a rather big fan of the ones on singleness, myself.

HEB brand Oreos sandwich cookies
They make some that are chocolate with peanut butter cream (creme?) inside. They’re as excellent (and unfortunately addictive) as they sound.

College football
I’ve recently discovered the joys of this. I went to a high school with a not-so-great football team (let’s face it, we were a basketball school), I went to a college with a not-so-great football team (again, basketball school)–and now I find myself in the position of going to a university with an undefeated team, at least this season. It’s a lot more fun when your team at least has a shot at winning in division games. Or I may just be a fair-weather fan, I don’t know.

John Adams
The miniseries by HBO, that is. I’m about halfway through it, and I find it to be excellently acted and directed and researched. Very real, very unsentimental about the time period. Again, a caveat: Seeing as it was on HBO, it can get pretty gritty (e.g., the scene of the guy getting his leg amputated during battle), and there’s a scene when John and Abigail, um, express their marital rights (no nudity or anything, but it is there).

The Texas weather of late
Seriously, y’all, it’s kind of amazing.

The Avett Brothers
If you haven’t heard them yet, shame on you. I recommend their EP The Second Gleam.


One thought on “the living room recommends

  1. The John Adams series was great, but just wait until you get to the part where Adams’ daughter has a mastectomy –without anesthesia! I swear I could feel it while watching!

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