first week of advent.

I am coming to terms
With the following truths:

That one day I will
Lose everyone I love

That the days are evil
That they are slipping through
My fingers like pieces of glass

That one day I will suffer death
That in the meantime I will suffer
Every day

That this happens to everyone
Who was born of flesh and blood
Those who are far off and those who are near

And that this was not meant to be

We were not meant for mortality
The world was not meant to be broken

And that this, all of this, every
Grief, every pain, every shattered soul
All of this too will be made right
At the trumpet sound, at the angel’s shout

But that we have to wait and fight
And mourn and groan along with creation
Until Emmanuel shall come
And we shall all rejoice


the requisite T13: Thanksgiving edition

(Yes, I just randomly changed the template for the heck of it. It was time.)

I hope this is obvious: Things you’re thankful for.

1. Public transport. Capital Metro, I love you, even though you’re slow and crowded. But you’re free.
2. My parents–the ones who let me have a shot at physical life and a better one in America, the ones who adopted and raised and have loved me and let me do laundry at their house and eat their food, the numerous people who have acted as spiritual mothers and fathers.
3. The opportunity to become thoroughly over-educated. 😉
4. The privilege of praying for other people.
5. My brother and sister-in-law are going to get counseling together and not split up. This is an incredible thing (and if you prayed, thanks).
6. All the good people I’ve gotten to know in Austin. Y’all rock.
7. My relatively cushy library job.
8. Tea. Yum.
9. The intellectual freedom we have in the United States.
10. That there’s some hope for the job market to open up a little bit by the time I graduate… 😉
11. Friends who feel more like family.
12. That the Maker of all things saw fit to create sound, and music.
13. That the Maker of sound sees fit to sing over me every single day and that He gives me voice to sing back.

mix tape monday’s triumphant return!

Sorry that it sort of disappeared for a while. This week’s rather appropriate-feeling theme, courtesy of Teacher Dave: Moving on. Interpret as you will.

1. Switchfoot, “I Dare You to Move”
2. The All-American Rejects, “Move Along”
3. Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm”
4. Jamie Liddell, “Another Day”
5. U2, “Kite”
6. Justin Timberlake, “What Goes Around…Comes Around”
7. Radiohead, “Exit Music (For a Film)”
8. Elton John, “My Father’s Gun”
9. The Beatles, “Hey Jude”
10. Punch Brothers, “Nothing, Then”
11. Derek Webb, “Nothing is Ever Enough”
12. The Frames, “Rent Day Blues”
13. Frou Frou, “Let Go”
14. The Normals, “The Best I Can”
15. Next to Normal Cast, “Light”


I was going to put up some silly posts today, but I just can’t. My friend Steph, frequently mentioned and frequent commenter, lost her dad on Sunday afternoon to cancer. He is with Jesus. Meanwhile, the rest of us mourn. Pray for her and her family, if you think of it, please.

This is the great thing, though, about the Body of Christ: No one has to carry their sorrow alone.

When angels dream of space and time
And look into that sacred rhyme
That descends into earthly climes
And makes flesh out of stone hearts

It would not do for human race
To disavow that sovereign grace
That unveiled heaven’s holy face
And covers us with mercy

we should write a sitcom or something.

me: is it weird that i keep thinking of these little two-stanza poems?
me: for some reason i’ve had some randomly pop into my head out of nowhere lately.
Teacher Dave: hm
TD: weird.
TD: you were always more of a formal poet than i was.
me: heh
TD: i’m a freeverse rebel, livin’ by my own rules.
me: heh
me: i haven’t written in form in a while.
me: need to remedy that.
me: haha
TD: *drives off on a Harley*
me: *”born to run” starts playing*
me: that’s it.
me: i’m going to write a villanelle about bruce springsteen
TD: hahahahahaha
TD: you are such a dork.
TD: it’s cute, but you’re a dork.
me: i know 
TD: blinding me with your library science.
me: heh
me: i pretty much embraced my dorkiness the moment i applied to college.
TD: your FB profile comment should be “Library-science is a compound verb now.”
me: heh
me: compound verb?
TD: (i know it doesn’t work grammatically, but no one else would know.)
TD: (shut up)
TD: hyphenated
TD: a hyphenated verb
me: you make it sound like a way to get killed in a teen girl squad episode.
TD: i don’t care. shutup.
me: heh
me: “dewey decimaled!”
me: *large pile of books falls on cheerleader*
TD: “Filed in triplicate’d!”
me: haha
me: card cataloged!
TD: i’ve been adding ‘d! to random things.
TD: Babystroller’d!
TD: Curse you, Punk’d!, for your inescapable cultural ubiquity!!!
TD: Now THAT’s a band name.
TD: for a college band of philosophy majors
me: what, inescapable cultural ubiquity?
TD: yup
TD: with tee-shirts that say ICU
me: that was going to be the title of my next book of cyberpunk poetry, actually
TD: there you go.
TD: Title’d!