thursday 13!

Hey, it’s back. 🙂 This week: 13 random things to be found in your house/apartment.

1. I use a power strip to plug all my TV-related things into (DVD player, converter box, etc.). Saves me money on my electric bill, for serious.

2. Blue and white polka-dot pajama pants.

3. A travel iPod charger, which comes in handy more often than one would think.

4. Actually, I left my phone there this morning (whoops).

5. There’s a bag of clementines on my dining room table (mmm).

6. More scarves than are probably necessary for someone who lives in central Texas.

7. A project I’m making for my mom and dad for Christmas (muaha).

8. A couple of CDs I’ve been meaning to send to my friend Erica (they’re coming soon!).

9. A jewelry box full of earrings that are missing their partners (uh-oh).

10. Two guitar exercise books that I almost never use, but should…

11. A blank application to Barnes and Noble that I’ve yet to actually do anything with…

12. Three library books (The Stand, The Death of Adam, Getting Things Done).

13. The liner notes to Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome (which I have not stopped listening to since I got in the mail on Monday).


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