we should write a sitcom or something.

me: is it weird that i keep thinking of these little two-stanza poems?
me: for some reason i’ve had some randomly pop into my head out of nowhere lately.
Teacher Dave: hm
TD: weird.
TD: you were always more of a formal poet than i was.
me: heh
TD: i’m a freeverse rebel, livin’ by my own rules.
me: heh
me: i haven’t written in form in a while.
me: need to remedy that.
me: haha
TD: *drives off on a Harley*
me: *”born to run” starts playing*
me: that’s it.
me: i’m going to write a villanelle about bruce springsteen
TD: hahahahahaha
TD: you are such a dork.
TD: it’s cute, but you’re a dork.
me: i know οΏΌ
TD: blinding me with your library science.
me: heh
me: i pretty much embraced my dorkiness the moment i applied to college.
TD: your FB profile comment should be “Library-science is a compound verb now.”
me: heh
me: compound verb?
οΏΌTD: (i know it doesn’t work grammatically, but no one else would know.)
TD: (shut up)
TD: hyphenated
TD: a hyphenated verb
me: you make it sound like a way to get killed in a teen girl squad episode.
TD: i don’t care. shutup.
me: heh
me: “dewey decimaled!”
me: *large pile of books falls on cheerleader*
TD: “Filed in triplicate’d!”
me: haha
me: card cataloged!
TD: i’ve been adding ‘d! to random things.
TD: Babystroller’d!
TD: Curse you, Punk’d!, for your inescapable cultural ubiquity!!!
TD: Now THAT’s a band name.
TD: for a college band of philosophy majors
me: what, inescapable cultural ubiquity?
TD: yup
TD: with tee-shirts that say ICU
me: that was going to be the title of my next book of cyberpunk poetry, actually
TD: there you go.
TD: Title’d!


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