the requisite T13: Thanksgiving edition

(Yes, I just randomly changed the template for the heck of it. It was time.)

I hope this is obvious: Things you’re thankful for.

1. Public transport. Capital Metro, I love you, even though you’re slow and crowded. But you’re free.
2. My parents–the ones who let me have a shot at physical life and a better one in America, the ones who adopted and raised and have loved me and let me do laundry at their house and eat their food, the numerous people who have acted as spiritual mothers and fathers.
3. The opportunity to become thoroughly over-educated. 😉
4. The privilege of praying for other people.
5. My brother and sister-in-law are going to get counseling together and not split up. This is an incredible thing (and if you prayed, thanks).
6. All the good people I’ve gotten to know in Austin. Y’all rock.
7. My relatively cushy library job.
8. Tea. Yum.
9. The intellectual freedom we have in the United States.
10. That there’s some hope for the job market to open up a little bit by the time I graduate… 😉
11. Friends who feel more like family.
12. That the Maker of all things saw fit to create sound, and music.
13. That the Maker of sound sees fit to sing over me every single day and that He gives me voice to sing back.


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