mix tape monday

This week’s theme: Light.

1. Newsboys, “Shine”
2. Wilco, “What Light”
3. Coldplay, “Daylight”
4. Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken, “When the Lights Go Out”
5. Foy Vance, “Shed a Little Light”
6. J. Robert Spencer, “A Light In the Dark”
7. Bebo Norman, “Great Light of the World”
8. Caedmon’s Call, “Hold the Light”
9. Aqualung, “Brighter Than Sunshine”
10. Andrew Peterson, “Rise and Shine”
11. U2, “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”
12. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, “The Light of That City”
13. Garrison Keillor, “Lighthouse”

(run time: 56:45)


2 thoughts on “mix tape monday

  1. 1. Mute Math, “Spotlight”
    2. Chris Walla, “Archer V. Light”
    3. Jars of Clay, “Light Gives Heat”
    4. dc Talk, “In the Light”
    5. Switchfoot, “Burn Out Bright”
    6. The Crash That Took Me, “Faster Than Light”
    7. Death Cab for Cutie, “No Sunlight”
    8. British Sea Power, “Lights Out For Darker Skies”
    9. Madonna, “Ray of Light”
    10. Polyphonic Spree, “Light & Day/Reach for the Sun”
    11. Semisonic, “Sunshine & Chocolate”
    12. Editors, “Lights”
    13. Five Times August, “The Lighting”
    14. Pete Yorn, “When You See The Light”
    15. Secret Machines, “Light’s On”

  2. 1. Snow Patrol- “Headlights on Dark Roads”
    2. Bell X1- “Light Catches Your Face”
    3. David Hopkins – “Bright Light”
    4. Vega4 – “A Billion Tons of Light”
    5. Bob Dylan – “Moonlight”
    6. Coldplay – “Daylight”
    7. Damien Dempsey – “Chase the Light”
    8. David Kitt – “Strange Light in the Evening”
    9. Exit – “Sunlight”
    10. Fiction Plane – “Fake Light From the Sun”
    11. Iain Archer – “Describe Daylight”
    12. Matchbox 20 – “Bright Lights”
    13. Kiernan McMullan – “Force Me Into the Light”

    (run time 57:30)

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