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reading: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which I haven’t touched in a while–I’ve been watching the LotR movies again, and got a craving for the books, so I’m ending out the year with hobbits and wizards and elves (oh my!). Just got done with David Allen’s Getting Things Done, which is about productivity, which is kind of ironic given that I just finished the semester and now I don’t really need to be productive, except when it comes to making Christmas presents…

making: stuff I can’t tell you about, since I think the people they’re intended for all read this blog. 🙂 Also working on some mix CDs, might make a batch of cookies soon…I just made a batch of millionaire’s shortbread (shortbread with a layer of caramel and chocolate–homemade glorified Twix bars) not long ago for a party and it worked out well.

enjoying: a caramel-vanilla latte and the free wi-fi at La Tazza Fresca (a ten-minute walk away from my apartment–kinda cozy, and they have hookahs), the semester’s end, the cool weather and the rain, the fact that the Longhorns are playing the Rose Bowl (hook ’em), the Muppets doing “Bohemian Rhapsody” (see a few posts below)

listening: a recording of a singalong that happened at the Newport Folk Festival this past summer–Pete Seeger and his grandson are leading people through a bunch of old folk songs, and it’s incredible. Pete Seeger’s an American treasure, and at 90 he’s still doing all this great work. He was at President Obama’s inauguration concert back in January:

Anyway, it’s making me wish I could go get a degree in ethnomusicology or something. Folk music is fun.

wanting: I’ve had a serious craving for ginger cookies of late. Maybe it’s a Christmas thing.

pondering: the meaning of Advent, the implications of the Incarnation, what I’m going to do after graduation (I think this is perpetually in the back of my mind), the beauty of creation, art and the gospel, my proclivities toward being an attention-seeker (is it ironic to blog about that?)


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