“come and behold Him…”

I’m at my parents’ house in H-town, and in the past 48 hours I think I’ve eaten about 20,000 cookies (okay, not really, but it feels like it–oof). Also been working on their Christmas present (pictures will be posted as soon as they get it…my dad reads this) and listening to a lot of podcasts. Got to see folks at Kaleo–they always get really excited when I show up, which amuses me. My brother and his wife and kiddos are all in town; the oldest two are almost as tall as I am now, which is NOT COOL, and I got to meet my youngest nephew (who’s two and a half) and he is freaking adorable. 🙂 My brother and I have sort of a tenuous relationship, given that we’ve been on much different life trajectories for the past twenty years or so, and I’m just recently getting over some of my issues I had with him, but it’s good to see him even though I think we make each other nervous. 🙂

Downer notes for this post: There was a girl at my church in Austin that we’d all been praying for for a while, as she had leukemia. The past few months brought her a bone marrow transplant, and several complications, and finally last Sunday, she went to be with Jesus. Middle school-aged. Parents, two sisters, and all of us at church who may not even have known her, but still loved her.

And in case you haven’t heard, Matt Chandler, who’s the pastor at The Village Church in the Dallas area, recently was diagnosed with brain cancer. Wife, three young kids, giant church.

So if y’all could be praying for these situations, that’d be swell.

All this, and my friend Steph’s dad’s recent death, has got me thinking, and now I have a post cranking up in my mind, titled “Don’t Waste Other People’s Suffering.” My life has not really sucked of late–but it seems a lot of people’s have, and it’s been humbling and convicting to walk alongside them, and it’s generated some thoughts, so look for that.

Well, now that I’ve bummed everyone out…a reader survey:

a) So, what are your plans for Christmas?
b) What are you giving folks for Christmas (given that they don’t read my blog and you wouldn’t be spoiling it)?
c) What is your favorite hot beverage?
d) What was the best book you read this year (assuming you have done better than 70% of Americans and actually read a book this year)?

Love you guys.


One thought on ““come and behold Him…”

  1. Erica

    a) church tomorrow night (yay candles!), Santa Claus presents in the morning (younger kids around) then mimosas and breakfast
    b) lots of pajamas and books
    c) for christmas, apple cider.
    d) I read too much this year to pick a favorite, but my favorite author this year was Jacqueline Carey…but really, 70%?!

    Merry Christmas, Amanda! (See you soon!)

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