“so this is the new year…”

“…and I don’t feel any different…”

Greetings, blogosphere. Welcome to 2010.

I hope everyone had a good holiday; I’m guessing everyone’s back to the grind at work (except for you stay-at-home moms, who never really get a break, and more power to y’all). I’m actually blogging this at work, one distinct advantage of working at an academic library desk, so I’m right there along with you. I actually don’t start class until the 19th, so I have quite a bit of free time still for a couple of weeks, which is fine with me. So who knows, I might actually think of something interesting to write here.

It’s funny, but blogging never feels like a burden to me. I mean, I feel obligated to write something here periodically, but it’s fun for me. Because I’m weird like that. But I do feel like I need to put up some more interesting content sooner or later, and that would require me to actually do some more interesting thinking.

I do put what I hope are pithy soundbites up on Twitter (and psst, you can see my posts down there on the sidebar), but there are things that require more thought than can fit in 140 characters, and I do realize not everyone reads it, so maybe one of these days I’ll transfer some over.

Okay, Seacrest out. Love y’all. Here’s to a new year, fresh starts.


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