Thursday 13.

(I think I’m going to start doing this and Mix Tape Monday on a biweekly basis instead of either weekly or once in a blue moon. Stays consistent, but still gives me time to come up with ideas. And I can do that, because today’s my birthday, gosh darn it.)

This week: Thirteen more things that make you happy.

1. All the blackbirds that come through central Texas in the autumn and spring, even if they also kind of freak me out, Hitchcock-style.

2. The Proust questionnaires in the back of Vanity Fair (pretty much the only reason I’ll ever pick up Vanity Fair).

3. The singalong in the middle of the movie Magnolia (actually, I don’t know if it induces happiness so much as it does what Roger Ebert calls elevation).

4. The Pink Power Ranger, a somewhat girly adult beverage introduced to me by Steph and the incomparable Jen. Tasty, tasty stuff.

5. Mo Rocca’s sputtering on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

6. Cataloging stuff. (One more confirmation that I’m pursuing the right career.)

7. The fact that my church sent me a birthday card, which I got in the mail today.

8. Period clothing from the 1920s-’40s.

9. The fact that iambs feel like the most natural meter, since it’s the way our hearts beat.[/English major moment]

10. Little kids singing.

11. Ridiculous hashtags on Twitter.

12. The house where one of the assistant pastors at my church and his wife live and work–both what happens there and the house itself, where I’d love to film a movie one day.

13. Adults getting baptized at paedobaptist churches, which doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. (Let’s fix that.)


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