random missives from Quack’s on a Sunday night.

*Quack’s is one of several coffee shops in my neighborhood and the one I frequent most often, aside from a Starbucks down the road. I’m eating a walnut scone and a cup of tea for dinner, which will be partially burned off when I walk back home. The area I live in is very walkable, not just because of the topography, but the houses are [mostly] super-cute as well. Also, the zoning laws are apparently really flexible, because I live across the street from an itty-bitty grocery store this couple built onto the front of their house.

*Also, apologies for use of the terms “super-cute” and “itty-bitty”.

*One of my readings for class (Social Media) was about community; the sermon at church this morning was about Christ’s hospitality towards us and how that should affect the way we treat other people, both far and near (also, this was preceded by an announcement about work in Haiti some guys from our congregation are doing); I’ve been wondering about how I can better enter into people’s lives, and also about Communion as an act of God’s giving Himself to us. I don’t think this is coincidence. (“Don’t mistake fate for coincidence…”) To possibly be hashed out in a later post.

*I found this the other day and the only thing I can think about it is one comment someone left on the site: “He’s Jesus, brotha!” (Losties will understand what I mean.)

*What are you reading these days, kids? By the way, if your answer is nothing and you’re not the parent of very small children, you will invoke the wrath of the literacy gods. Just saying.

*Oh, and one more reason I’m becoming a librarian: I don’t pour out all my obsession into just one thing; I just tend to get mildly obsessed with a whole bunch of things. I know just enough about stuff to be dangerous. 😉


One thought on “random missives from Quack’s on a Sunday night.

  1. Right now I’m reading Godric, by Frederick Buechner. It is a fiction work set in the 12th Century, a rather unusual decision for fiction. Well written, with a somewhat bizarre tone thus far, but I’m enjoying it. You?

    – Joel (BU Intern)

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