thursday 13.

This week: Thirteen things you’ve ever done at work.

1. Sorted a (fairly sizable) storage room full of display hardware in the back room, which took longer than expected…we did, however, get rid of a lot of stuff, which was nice.

2. Knitted. Yes.

3. When I worked at Starbucks, I mixed together every single ingredient we had behind the counter–coffee, syrups, shots of espresso, every kind of milk (including soy), Frappuccino mix, everything–and then drank it. (Well, two or three sips of it.) Actually, it was less scary than I anticipated, although it was overwhelmingly hazelnutty (strange), but my coworker said, “I was half-expecting you to turn into some sort of magical beastie.”

4. Listened to Cake. I don’t know why I remember this, since it happened nine years ago, but there’s my crazy long-term memory for you.

5. Read communication theory, or attempted to, anyway.

6. Gave out over 100 hot chocolate samples in about half an hour. This was, of course, during Christmas.

7. Eaten a granola bar at the library desk.

8. Folded origami.

9. Listened to All Songs Considered (during an overnight shift when there wasn’t anyone there, don’t worry).

10. Strung CAT-5 cable, which was more interesting than it sounds.

11. Led a discussion about the Odyssey.

12. Graded quizzes.

13. Attempted to do my taxes. Yes, seriously.


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