into the fire.

Yesterday, I found out that a colleague of mine from Baylor–frequent classmate, in the same honors program as I was, good acquaintance but not close, better friends with one of my good friends–out of nowhere (or so it seems to all of us) committed suicide on the 13th. 24. Just a week or so before her birthday. Was a Christian. Who knows what was going on in her heart. Hits a little close to home, if you know my story.

This morning, I read on Twitter that a man who served at my old church, who taught Sunday school classes and went on mission trips and to camp with his wife, who was like a father and grandfather to generations of kids, had died.

Just a minute ago, I read this article about Matt Chandler, his family, his cancer.

Been having conversations with my parents about my brother and his family. Things not going well at their house. Don’t want to divulge details here, but it’s been weighing on my mind and my parents’ minds for some time now. My brother and I aren’t close, but dang it, he’s still my brother. His family is mine, too.

Feeling broken because of all the brokenness of the world, of people who I hold in my heart, of helplessness in the face of it. I come with empty hands upraised and plead for help to a God who has not and will not let us go.


2 thoughts on “into the fire.

  1. Amy

    I went to The Village Church yesterday. I was invited by a friend and had never been before. Anyway, Matt mentioned the article you linked and asked everyone to pray about God using it. He was only one stage for about 10 minutes but I would love to go back and here him preach.

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